We will all need to work together to make sure we stay safe and healthy during training. The government guidelines will help us prepare and navigate through the studio as safely as possible.

What do you need to know before your visit?
· Try to come dressed in sports clothes and ready for class
· Bring your own towel, since these will not be provided at the studio
· Bring your own mat to the studio
· Grip socks are mandatory for both the reformer and barre classes
(It is not allowed to walk with shoes at the studio.)
· If you don’t feel well, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation

All of the above mentioned items you need to have with you for class can also be purchased at the studio. In this case it is important to note that we only accept payments by card.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding!


Your experience at K/C Move studio might be a bit different from what you’re used to. We will have each class attendee enter the studio one by one and have you use a self check-in device to confirm your show to the class.

At your arrival:
· Cover your shoes with the plastic shoe-covers at the corridor
· Disinfect your hands at the dispensers
· Proceed to the check-in device and fill out the Health-Checklist
· Use the device to check yourself in for your class
· Take your shoes and belongings to the changing rooms
· Proceed to your appointed spot at the Reformer or Barre room

We advise you to shower and use the toilet at home however, they are available at the studio. We do ask to clean the contact areas in the shower and toilet before and after use with the provided disinfectants.

After your class:
· Make sure to clean the Reformer and/ or props properly before leaving
· Try to get ready as soon as possible and leave the studio without forgetting any of your belongings
· Remember to wear your plastic wrapped shoes when leaving the studio
· Take off the plastic shoe-covers at the exit and throw them in the bin

Our staff will be at your disposal for assistance and questions at all times. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

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