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Welcome to K/C Move, the first holistic boutique fitness in Amsterdam. Powered by KinetiCode® Pilates, we are focused on high-quality personal training and well-designed small group classes. We sculpt long, lean, well-aligned bodies that are stable and strong to the core.

Do you want to change the way you look and feel? Nowadays that’s easier than ever before! All it takes is fifty-five minute to entirely condition and strength your full body in a unique inspiring atmosphere. The personal focus during the training enables you to achieve your own goals and inspires you to challenge your own limits.

Check out our premium K/C Reformer Pilates/ Barre / Pilates Mat classes!

  • Our class sizes are small with a maximum of 10 clients per class for the K/C Reformer Pilates class or 20 max for the K/C Pilates Mat and K/C Barre
  • We make it easy to train when you want, how you want. We’re open seven days a week and we don’t charge extra membership fees
  • Both classes are high intensity but are suitable for any age, gender, and fitness level


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KC/Move Signature classes



Training save, smarter, achieving lasting results.

It is Pilates to the MAX. Our signature Reformer class will challenge your core, flexibility, stamina and overall body strength to its maximum capacity, for full body sculpting. Our dynamic flow routine will activate your slow-twitch fibres, while keeping your focus on control and precision of the exercises. It will dramatically improve your all-round muscle tone, coordination, balance and muscular endurance, while quickly burning calories in only 55 minutes.
Max 10 students per class.

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Indulge yourself in a unique barre experience.

This exceptional 55-minute barre class is a total body conditioning workout designed by a formal ballet dancer.

Using your own bodyweight and props as resistance, this effective routine at the ballet barre includes muscle-defining arm and abs exercises, intense thigh, seat sequences and dynamic stretching.

Get a sculpted, toned body with a strong core and lean flexible thighs, and feel a boost of energy beyond limits.

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It’s not about quantity, but about quality.

Our KinetiCode® Pilates mat lessons begin with a dynamic, standing warm-up before moving into a challenging core and arms sequences.

This excellent mat class has a strong focus on postural strength, alignment, joint mobility, control and breathing. It will improve your general condition and it will enhance your physical awareness, endurance and motor control as a complete mind-body experience.

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Train authentically with us.

Our KinetiCode® Personal Training programs allow you to enjoy the privacy and individual attention of a one-on-one session, plus benefit from a training program designed for your specific needs and goals.

The KinetiCode® Training combines the flexibility, lean body of classical Pilates with athletic challenges of the functional training. Each session focus on improve spine and overall body health in flexibility, stability and strength phases of training.
We focus on creating an evenly conditioned body that is strong, flexible and properly aligned.

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It is dynamic, fun and it works and last

A total-body program that blends together cardio, strength training in a pilates flavours. This training class is a perfect mix of high intensity, calorie-blasting cardio work and low-impact, Pilates-based strength training. Use the K/C Pilates jump board to facilitate plyometric movement against spring tension (rather than gravity) and experience an aerobic workout that won’t stress the joints. This class focuses on aerobic ability and burns more calories in less time.
BONUS: Jumping on the Reformer has been proven to increase bone density.

*Recommended for those already familiar with our HIT Reformer Pilates classes, not suitable for those recovering from injury

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Stretching never felt so good

Re-center and balance your body with Reformer-assisted stretching. Our restorative flow involves deep stretching to improve all-round flexibility and mobility. Focus on muscular imbalances and postural challenges our routine leave you feeling long, loose, and ready to take on whatever the day brings. This class will help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue, improve performance, decrease risk of injury, and increase blood flow to your muscles.
You’ll feel looser and enjoy a greater range of movement through the shoulders, hips and spine. It’s also a great way to free yourself from the
stresses – physical and emotional – that build up through the day.

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The founder of K/C Move
Margherita Bencini

Margherita is the founder of K/C Move and KinetiCode® Pilates. For over 20 years, she was a professional dancer and choreographer, performing for companies in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and the United States. While dancing, she also studied Semiotics of Movement at Bologna University. In 2007, together with an international team, she developed the KinetiCode® methodology on motor control and 3D movement patterns, with the goal to improve top performance of dancers and athletes. In 2018, she launched the K/C Move Studio in Amsterdam, the city’s first holistic fitness studio, powered by the KinetiCode® method. It is based on the two concepts at the heart of Margherita’s life: movement and education.

Margherita is a senior faculty member of B.A.S.I. Pilates (Body Art and Science International), plus a Gyrotonic lev.2 teacher. She is certified as a personal trainer by NASM (National Academy Sport Medicine) and specialised in EXOS (Athletes Performance Institute), DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation), SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).

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