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Welcome to K/C Move, the first holistic boutique fitness in Amsterdam. Powered by KinetiCode® Pilates, we are focused on high-quality personal training and well-designed small group classes. We sculpt long, lean, well-aligned bodies that are stable and strong to the core.

Do you want to change the way you look and feel? Nowadays that’s easier than ever before! All it takes is fifty-five minutes to entirely condition and strengthen your full body in a unique and inspiring atmosphere. The personal focus during the training enables you to achieve your own goals and inspires you to challenge your own limits.

Check out our premium K/C Reformer Pilates/ Barre / Pilates Mat classes!

  • Our class sizes are small with a maximum of 14 clients per class for the K/C Reformer Pilates class or 12 max for the K/C Pilates Mat and K/C Barre
  • We make it easy to train when you want, how you want. We’re open seven days a week and we don’t charge extra membership fees
  • Both classes are high intensity but are suitable for any age, gender, and fitness level


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What they say about us

The founder of K/C Move
Margherita Bencini

Margherita is a movement specialist and founder of the KinetiCode® Methodology. For over 20 years, she made a career as a professional dancer and choreographer for companies in Europe and the United States. During her dance career she completed different university studies on Semiotics of Movement and Movement Science in Italy and the United States. With the aim of improving the peak performance of dancers and athletes, Margherita developed the KinetiCode® method in 2007 together with an international team. Nowadays she is mentoring all around the EU with her KinetiCode® Academy, and directs K/C Move Studio in Amsterdam, the first commercial studio based on her methodology.

Kineticode Academy

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